Friday, June 29, 2007

The Farmer in the (Copley) Square

There are many perks to working in Back Bay. I can blow off steam by crossing the street and taking a walk around the Public Garden. There is a Starbucks on my commute route. I am never far from the Schlesinger sandwich at Parish. And every Tuesday and Friday, I can visit the Copley Square Farmer's Market for lunch.

There is nothing that speaks to summer more (nothing that doesn't involve gin, anyway) like being surrounded by aromatic herbs and flowers while poking through fresh baked goods, brilliant tomatoes, and the ever famous goat cheese picnic from Crystal Brook Farm. If you've ever been to a farmer's market in Boston, chances are you've seen them - a sweet paper lunch bag with a stamped sticket on the front, and inside slices of baguette, a tiny box of raisins, and a small container of goat cheese in oil with Herbs de Provence. When I say small, I mean enough to slather on the bread and still have some left to spoon out with your finger. If you would be so gauche enough to do such a thing at your desk at work. Ahem.

Courtney and I took a much needed afternoon break around 3 and headed to the market. I picked up some organic baby lettuce for dinner tonight, and some Mediterranean goat cheese spread to bring to the beach tomorrow. Mmm. Sun and lactose.

I'm Spicy!

This is fantastic news. I have a deep appreciation for mind-melting pop culture that is self-aware.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The first of many

As a writer, and a rather hip young lady to boot, it seems I ought to be blogging. Aside from the general weekend recaps I post on Myspace, that is. I hope for this blog to chronicle my experiences and observations in creative ways that truly express both my personal style and professional abilities.

So no typing angrily about the intern who hates to wear shoes.